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Baby .... meaning of life

Pregnancy and giving birth are among the most important periods in a woman's life. In addition to the joy the expecting mother also gives some thought about the health of the baby. All mothers-to-be want "to do everything right from the very beginning." A well-nutritioned mother is a prerequisite for a healthy child.

A healthy nutrition is crucial both for the mother as well as the for development of the unborn child. The need for essential micronutrients such as folates, iodine, iron, calcium and magnesium increases during pregnancy and lactation.

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dr.falcon® - graVita simply convincing!


dr.falcon® - graVita simply convincing!
With a baby, pregnancy and lactation - dr.falcon® - gravità simply convincing!

dr.falcon® graVita is a dietary supplement  containing 22 essential nutrients     and has been  specifically designed by nutritionists based on the latest findings in order to meet the specific needs of women who want children as well as pregnant and lactating women. In the composition, the results of National Nutrition Survey II was implemented. (Nationale Verzehrstudie II (NVS II) [1] is a nationwide survey on the nutritional status of adolescents and adults and was conducted in behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Germany)

It is important to know that dr.falcon®- graVita contains the latest generation of L-methylfolate. Compare graVita to other products available in the pharmacy and see for yourself.

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